Zackery Torres Dance Moms Star Is In The Process of Transitioning

Zackery Torres made a life-changing announcement as she took her TikTok and shared about transitioning and said she is transgender and pronounces as they/she. Torress said an announcement, “I am transitioning, which means I am transgender, and if you did not know. Here we will talk about all the details of Zackery Torress Dance Moms.

My pronouns are they/she, which means that they or she are totally fine. I am just hopping on here to tell you that I am going to be posting more on TikTok, and excited about it.” She made history as the first male-born contestant in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Early Life Of Zackery Torres Dance Moms

Zackery’s date of birth is 16th March 1999 as a boy. She understood gender identity at the age of thirteen after two formative years in the Dance Competition. She was always eager to pick a label and familiar with the feelings of being attracted to the men. Zackery wondered if she was transgender but made her feel that she was not embracing her complete self.
Torres went to the University of Southern California. She expressed that Dance Moms affected her decision. She participated in the show and identified as a boy, and teachers and renowned chorographers as a male dancer. Zackery is clear about her vision and announced herself as transgender.

Family History

Zackery was born in Lichfield Park, Arizona, Southwestern United States. After that, she shifted to Phoenix. Gracia Torres is her mother, and her father’s history is not revealed yet. Her mother studied at Trevor Browne High School and then Central Arizona College.

Zackery is a hairdresser and color specialist at Prova Salon. Her mother always encouraged her, and she also shares her love for her father too. Zackery has two siblings named Mia Torres and Tesa Jamison. Tesa is a married woman and fitness and health enthusiast.

Physical Appearance

Zackery’s height is five feet and eleven inches. She is embracing herself and has come out to be a great woman and human being.

Social Media Appearance

Zackery is active on social media as she has more than 126.5 k followers on Twitter and 79.1 k followers on Instagram.

Professional Life Of Zackery Torres Dance Moms

Zackery is the founder and CEO of Continuum Community, established in July 2020. She worked as a part-time social media manager at AZ Dance Medicine Specialist and also as a communication coordinator for USC Kaufman. She also has published an Evolving Conversation on Gender: Dance Edition. It was published on 7th September 2020 on Amazon.

Zackery Net Worth

According to different sources, his estimated net worth of Zackery is $250k.

Relationship Status

Zackery seems single and does not have a romantic partner. However, some people saw her with a guy named Dylan. But, she cleared the confusion and wrote that he was dating her best friend. She wrote on Twitter, “her boyfriend is ballet.”

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