Doc Rivers’ Twitter Embeded Likes On Adult Content

Philadelphia 76ers head Coach Doc Rivers stated trending when his Twitter account liked multiple adult content posts. NBA started to troll the Sixer’s head coach and said somebody must tell him how likes work.

Fans noticed that Doc Rivers liked porn on Twitter. This news was spread like wildfire, and many jokes about Doc Rivers made that is proof that the world had noticed his likes. These all were adult content, so his fans trolled him quickly.

Everyone was expecting that coach would give the excuse of hacked account, and that’s what exactly happened. Also, multiple reports claimed the account was hacked, and the likes had been taken down. After a few hours, more adult content popped up on his Twitter account. Clark said, I told Doc Rivers your Twitter account had been hacked, and there are many bizarre activities on it.

Everyone was joking about how the Sixers and NBA would react upon seeing this content

Well, the team immediately claimed that the coach account had been jacked, and they were doing their best to gain full control of the account and remove the likes on the raunchy content. However, some users kept trolling Doc Rivers on social media and said he should learn some tricks on keeping online activity in stealth mode.

Some fans said in comments about Rivers’ job as head coach. Many were unconvinced and said it was hacking; however, the overall reactions were lighthearted. Some liked content contained posts showing members of the LGBTQ+ community that led to speculations about his sexuality.

On the court, fans are feeling optimistic about the NBA season. Joel Embid and James Harden are healthy and will surely work hard to be serious title contenders.

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