Everything About Grayson Leavy and Zoey Watson’s Relationship

The new documentary Titletown high has a huge audience in which the daily lives of the athletic students of Valdosta High School are included. It is all about the high school football team from the town, and the nickname kept title Town. Here we will talk about Grayson and Zoey Watson relationship.

Among the athletic teens, Grayson Leavy and the team tight end stands out for his involvement in a love triangle in season one. There is a close relationship between Grayson and Zoey Watson. Let’s talk about all the details.

Where is Grayson Leavy Now

Grayson Leavy

The 16 years old Grayson was born and grew up in Valdosta, Georgia. Leavy always had dreamt of becoming a Wildcat one day. Over time, he realized that his parents couldn’t afford to send him to college, so he worked so hard and got the scholarship.

After that, there comes a point where Grayson comes in close contact with someone who tested positive during the first season of Titletown high. Because of this incident, he can not play well in two games.

Well,  in less than two weeks, he became tested negative and did not waste more time and go to practice. He was ready for the semi-finals and able to play the game. However, Wildcats did not advance to the state championship. He will be able to play the games this year alongside the Wildcats. The teenager also enjoys wrestling, soccer, and swimming.

Are Grayson and Zoey Watson Together?

Besides his football career, the Netflix series Titletown High provides some exposure to his romantic life that shows a love triangle with Zoey Watson and Lenley Gross. They met when they were younger and started a relationship.

Because of the stresses of high school, they split but remain friends. After some time, Grayson started a relationship with Linley and made things official with her. There are some rumors which say Zoey and Grayson are still together, and Zoey never denies this as she is still in love with him.

After that, Grayson started “talking to” Lenley Gross and eventually made things official with her. But, there were rumors growing that Grayson and Zoey were still a thing; besides, Zoey never denied that she still loved Grayson.

Well, things turned different when Grayson kissed Zoey and admitted that he was not ready to commit to Linley. It was difficult to choose one between two girls, and he picked Zoey, so things ended with lenley.

He was in isolation after exposure to Covid-19, and Zoey chose to quarantine him. so they again rekindled their young love and shared their confessions of ‘ I love you.’

Now it is clear that Zoey and Grayson are in a romantic relationship, as we can see in their pictures on Instagram. They spend time together alongside friends. They were also seen in the concert together in August 2021.

Grayson’s girlfriends 

Leavy has two girlfriends in the show, Zoey Watson and Lenley Gross. Leavy puts himself in a difficult situation by dating both of the girls. In real life, Lenley Gross is dating another man named Hunter Price. Sciavicco said the story was true, but it needs to be clarified how true it is.

Ex-girlfriend Zoey Watson still cares about Leavy, and he feels the same way about her. But based on his Instagram, they seem to be good friends now. By putting all the elements together, Grayson Leavy does not have a girlfriend right now.

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