Harlem Season 2: Here Is Everything That You Want to Know

Harlem is a popular American comedy series and always received good responses from the audience. Here let’s talk about all the details of Harlem Season 2.

Storyline of Harlem Season 2

The series follows the story of four friends who follow their dreams after graduating from college together. Tracy Oliver created the series. In the popular cast of Megan Good, Jerrie Johnson, Shoniqua Shandai, Tyler Lepley, and Grace Byers are included.

There were ten episodes in the first season with amazing titles such as Pilot, Saturn Returns, Cuffing Season, The Strong Black Woman, Rainbow Sprinkles, Winter Solstice, Boundaries, Five Years Ago, Secrets, and Once Upon a Time in Harlem. The running time of each episode is almost 30 minutes.

Now everyone is expecting the same number from the second season. There is no official news regarding it. The series premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Let’s talk about all the details of Harlem season 2.

Is Harlem Season 2 Canceled or Announced?

The series has yet to be renewed for the second season. However, there are chances for the second season.
It has received a good response from the audience; therefore, it will come for the second time too. Let’s review the first season.

Review of Harlem Season 1

Harlem season 1 received a good response. In the first season, we saw that Camille went to Ian’s parents’ going away party. After that, Quinn tried to keep things casual with Sean. Moreover, Angie attempted to track a man to keep her warm for the winter.

Jameson and Camille discussed what would be next for them before a text sent her spiraling. However, Quinn tried to take Sean as her date to an event for Isabelle. Camille asked how to respond to Ian to a mysterious text. Angie struggled with an ignorant cast member. Quinn also navigates the expectation of her mother. 

Camille helps Ian with a project secretly, and after that, the women go to see Angie in the dress rehearsal of get Out: The Musical. Moreover, Quinn attempted to win over the son of Sean. It was a dream job pf Camille that also questioned her life choices.

Later fighters finalized her divorce. Ultimately, Angie is offered a bigger role in the musical, and Quinn confronts her feelings for Isabella. The second season will start where the first ended, which will also solve the first season’s cliffhanger. Let’s see what happens next.

 Harlem Season 2 Cast

In the expected cats of the second season Meagan Good as Camille, Grace Byers as Quinn, Sullivan Jones as Jameson Royce, Robert Ri’chard as Shawn, Kate Rockwell as Anna, Juani Feliz as Isabela, Jonathan Burke as Eric, Kadeem Ali Harris as Brandon, Shoniqua Shandai as Angie, Jerrie Johnson as Tye, Tyler Lepley as Ian, Whoopi Goldberg as Dr. Elise Pruitt, Jasmine Guy as Patricia and Andrea Martin as Robin are included.

Release Date of Harlem Season 2

The official release date is not revealed yet. But it will be declared very soon. It will premiere on Amazin Prime Video.



The official trailer for the second season is not here yet. However, you can watch the first season on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the trailer for the first season


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