Hige Freeze Resignation From Ole Miss Because of Call Escort

Huge Freeze resigned in July 2017 as head football coach at the University of Mississippi, which is famous as Ole Miss. The reports were spread that he made a phone call escort service. The call escort made part of an ongoing NCAA investigation into the university’s football program.

This call escort was made in January 2006 and lasted less than a minute. However, the content has not been made public as an issue, just as a university phone call. Therefore, the escort service raised serious questions about Freeze’s character and judgment.

In the beginning, Freeze denied any wrongdoing and said that the call escort was a misdial and had been trying to reach a number with a similar area code. Moreover, the investigation and the NCAA revealed that Freeze made other calls o numbers associated with escort services, and he had used his personal phone to make other calls related to the same matter.

After these revelations, Freeze resigned from Ole Miss. He issued a statement in which he apologized for his conduct and took responsibility for his actions. Furthermore, he said he made ‘ moral and ethical mistakes’ and was embarrassed and disappointed by his behavior.

At this time, the university was already under investigation by the NCAA because of alleged violations. In the next months, the university self-imposed a postseason ban on its football program and agreed to forfeit millions of dollars in revenue as part of the settlement with the NCAA.

Until leaving Ole Miss, he worked as a football coach at Liberty University. This s a private Christin University in Virginia. He has also been linked to other college and institutes coaching jobs. We can say that his reputation has been tarnished because of the scandal at ole Miss. However, he will always be remembered for his role in the most high-profile controversies in football history.

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