Kristianna Love After Lockup Track: Are John Miller and Kristianna Still Together

Everyone knows about the couple Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, who had always had a fast-track romance. Fans are very interested in their lives. In love after the breakup teaser, they met each other in prison when Kristianna was doing time in the lowa correctional institution for women in Mitchellville, IA. People want to know Kristianna Love after lockup.

Is Kristianna Pregnant

There are many rumors about Kristianna’s pregnancy. They were spotted on their way to Walmart in May 2021 and showed her baby bump. Kristianna started a nine-minute Instagram live session, and during her session, he got a call from his family.

Moreover, she reacted to comments on her session and dropped the bomb, and said, “We plan on having the baby and growing the family and stuff.” But she dismissed all the news about her pregnancy.

Are John and Kristianna Still Together?

John married Kristianna four times and engaged two times. John Miller also shared that he ran off with his first wife’s cousin, which was not a good sign for a stable relationship.

John is married to his cousin and has eight kids. Two of them were in his custody. John and Kristianna are still together, but she lives in a state prison in Iowa that will be released in 2023.

Once her wife was away, John made chemistry with his sister-in-law, Terra. He enjoyed attention from Terra and soon realized that he had to protect his wife and cheat on her.

Terra shared that John threw him out of the house in February 2021.

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