Nick Austin and Madison Beer Are In a Relationship

People are familiar with TikToker’s name Nick Austin, and he has a great influence on the platforms. Recently Nick confirmed the relationship with singer Madison beer, and people are really interested to know about Nick Austin and Madison Beer. Let’s dig into it.

Who is Nick Austin

Nick was born on 1st July 2000. His parents grew up in Austin in San Diego, California, United States. There is not enough information about his family; we just know his mother’s name, Anne Taylor. Austin is 19 years old and had plans to be a TikTok.

He wanted to become an actor, but now he says social media is better than acting because you can be yourself and do what an actor does. His name got fame when he joined Tiktok and immediately became part of the Hype House. It is a collective of Tiktok content creators who collaborate in Los Angels.

Nick’s videos went viral in My 2020 when he was handcuffed to a TikTok star named Chase Hudson. Their dance video was viral and got more than 2 million views.

He has adorable merchandise with his signature brown teddy bear. It is available with many products, from clothing to phone cases. Nick was the ring boy along with a little girl during his parents’ wedding. The little girl kissed him when he handed off the rings.

Official Dating of Nick Austin and Madison Beer

Madison and Austin were seen together for the first time in 2020. Nick and Madison were at the Hollywood bistro Toast, and then their dating rumors spread quickly. In August 2020, Nick was at a friend’s birthday party when he was asked to comment on Madison’s social media and said. “she is gorgeous.”

Nick Austin and Madison Beer again appeared in a double dare in Los Angeles. The relationship was confirmed when on 5th march 2021, Austin posted an adorable picture with Madison and wished her a birthday.

He wrote, “I do not know how I got such luck, happy birthday to my best friend, my dream girl, the love of my life, my soulmate, every day with you feels like I am dreaming, I love you, forever n ever n ever <3

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