Rose Davis Gabby Petito Instagram: Relationship with Brian Laundrie

Rose Davis and gabby Petito are best friends, and their relationship is getting toxic because of gabby’s relationship with Brian Laundrie. Rose said that it seemed that he was jealous, and I understand because you look at Brian and then at Gabby, and you are like  Gabby; you could have anyone in this world.

According to o Davis, Brian had jealousy issues because you see that at that time when you hang out just a few times. Moreover, Rose talked about her friendship with Gabby, the 22-year-old woman whose body was discovered in Grand Teton National part, and that was eight straight days when her mother reported.

Gabby’s Death has been labeled a homicide

In late August, Gabby was seen during the cross-country trip with brian Laundrie. Brian came back to North Port, Florida, on 1st September without Gabby. Now he wanted an active arrest warrant by the FBI that was issued late Thursday because of unauthorized allegations of a debit card.

Rose expressed her concern to her mother after first meeting with Brian: “he is a little weird.” He said, “I said something about him, and I don’t know what it was the first thing I said. My mother said to me when she went missing, ” Did not you say he was weird?

Furthermore, rose also says that Brian is a sociopath who is swift at lying. Well, Gabby came to her home after arguments with Brian. Rose said, I did not judge their relationship, but I know something was off. Maybe he was just controlling, but slowly, the more we did hang out, the more she was away from him. She got comfortable and got into her own skin, and started working.

Davis said Gabby also worked for almost 50 hours a week at a local Taco Bell. However, Brian did not want that after the two had quit their jobs at a closeby Publix because of a pandemic.

However, he always wanted her to work, and she did. He was always tired and wanted, so he did because of the van life and rushed to that so that she would not be able to work anymore.

Brian was not supportive of Gabby’s social media aspiration and offered road trip hacks, and that was a sign of domestic abuse.

She recognized the distress in body camera footage between them. Rose explained I have seen like that; it’s always the same situation. She always defends him and gets so much more comfortable with me. That’s why he rushed the van life trip. At my house, I gave her a safe place, but I was not there and stayed here for hours.

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