Tabloids About Jennifer Aniston Children: Is She adopting from Her Brother?

There are so many rumors about Jennifer Aniston; one is she is adopting her brother’s children. The story is fake, and here are some facts about Jennifer Aniston children. The story starts with her brother, Jennifer, abandoning his two children, a son named Ryat and a daughter named Kira. She considers adopting them as her children. Reports claimed that she wants children.

This idea of adaptation came from her eighty-five-year-old father, an actor John Aniston. The children were raised by her real mother named, Adriane Hallek. Undoubtedly, it would be hard for children to accept their second mother.

Reports also claimed that she never met her brother and met his children. Furthermore, they also claimed that she decided to rekindle her brother after divorcing Justin Theroux.

According to further details from the tabloid. Her father, John Aniston, gave the idea of his brother’s children.
When the story was asked about Jennifer Aniston children, she was speechless. According to her, the story was dubious.

Once another tabloid story went viral abnout Jennifer. It was about her boyfriend Brad Pitt. Tabloid claims that she want to go into public with Brad Pitt. At that time, Anglina and Brad divorced was not finalized.  Well, apparently it seems that Aniston is ok wih this situation as if Brad would go public with her she would be happy.

However, some reports already told tabloid these are not true because they are not getting back. It also proved in February when Brad stooped by Anniston’s 50th birthday party.

Tabloids always try to spread the false stories they alsod claim once they have a baby together. In last year, there were rumors that Brad and Charlize Theron have dating and Angelina Jolie hired a private investigator to spy on them. That was disgusting and that was no true. It seems that Tabloid always try to manipulate the Jennifer Anniston’s life.

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