Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Storyline, and Other Updates

If you love to watch mystery and thriller series, then tell me your secrets is one of the great productions. One season has already premiered in February 2021 on Amazon Prime. The number of episodes was ten in the first season. Now fans are asking for the second season, so let’s know about all the details. Harriet Warner is the creator of this amazing sequel. Everyone wants to know when Tell me your secrets season 2 will come, so let’s know all the details.

Release Date of Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

No official announcement has come into the screen yet regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series. The first dropped in February 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. After a few episodes, the series got a tremendous response from the audience. And now the audience is waiting for the second season 2.

According to sources, it is expected that tell me your story secrets season 2 will premiere in 2023. Two years gap is enough to get the second season’s fantastic cast, production, and editing.

Cast of Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

There are three leads in the first season. The three major cast stars, Amh Brenneman, Lily Rabe, and Hamish Linklater, must be returned for the second season. Besides, in the first season, a young lady, Emma Hall, adjusted her life after releasing from prison and placed in Witness Protection.

Starring for the second season is also not announced yet. Another amazing character in the series was Kit Parker, a charming serial killer. Besides, Mary Barlow played the role of a devasted mother who supposed that a serial killer had kidnaped her daughter.

She is so confident about her daughter that she is alive. The serial predator, John Tyler, struggles to control his criminal inclinations in her daughter’s disappearance. He knows he will perform his dirty work because he has a dark nature. Stella Baker is playing the role of Mary’s daughter.

Theresa Barlow is another character who died in the first season but is shown alive in the finale. Therefore, we expect that she will return in the second season. No formal casting announcements have been made yet for the upcoming season.

Storyline of Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

The story builds up from the first season, and many issues are resolved. Emma will want to track down Theresa, who get her daughter back. Mary does a press conference and has dire consequences. She went to jail for commish perjury and discovered that she had framed Emma. However, she can go down for hindering a police investigation.

Mary’s vigilante behavior may also trigger John. He wants to revenge after surviving a shooting and getting locked in a cupboard. His targets will be Mary, who shot him and Emma for his sexual urges. Theresa decides to take things out on Emma. The story addresses the question of whether Mary knew that her daughter was a killer or not.

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As we already said, no official announcement regarding the release date, cast, and storyline has been made yet. Therefore, no trailer is available yet for tell me your secrets season 2. However, you can watch the recap of the first season on Amazon Prime Videos.

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