Who Is Ann Coulter Husband? Let’s Know Everything

Ann Coulter is an American media pundit, political commenter, syndicated columnist, lawyer, and also a member of the Republican party. He became popular in the late 90s when she appeared on cable news. People want to know about Ann Coulter husband and her life.

She was born on 8th December 1961 in New York City. Ann criticized Clinton Administration. Also, she is a good writer, and her first book was about the Bill Clinton impeachment. She shared her experience while writing legal briefs for attorneys of Paula Jones.

Relationship Status

Ann Coulter’s private life is a very interesting topic, and people want to know Ann Coulter husband. No one knows about this information, that’s why everyone is curious. Well, she does not have a husband. She was engaged many times but never proceeded.

Therefore, there is no child of Ann Coulter. But, Ann dated the founder of Spin and publisher Bob Guccione, a conservative writer. However, he was the former president of the New York City Council and a liberal Democrat.

Once someone asked about this relationship, Stein revealed that Ann had attacked many of his friends. He also said their relationship ended because of many irreconcilable differences.

Besides, New York Magazine told in 2017 that m she started dating her security guard; therefore, she is not seeing anyone else. Her relationships and engagements rumors were spread with David Wheaton, Jimmie Walker, and Bill Maher.

Well, this information is not so reliable. Besides, she owns a house that was brought in 2005, and it is located in Palm Beach, Florida.

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