Instagram, Facebook Have Silently Unbanned Trump’s Accounts

A bird app user, on Saturday revealed the news

Washington DC (TheBreakingTimes – Arshad Farooq) A bird app user, nnabros on Saturday said that social media networking platforms, Instagram and Facebook have silently unbanned ex United States President, Donald Trump.

Recall that both platforms said that Trump’s post violated their policies during the violence witnessed at the US Capitol Building, suspended him indefinitely from making use of both apps.

After originally planning to block President Donald Trump from posting to his Facebook and Instagram account for just 24 hours, CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week said that the blocks have been extended “indefinitely.”

Following that, a Twitter user Dr Uche, nnabros said on Saturday that both Instagram and Facebook has unbanned President Trump’s account.

See Tweet below:

“FB and Instagram have quietly unbanned Donald Trump. They want to stop the bleeding of their stock price”.

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