BBC Urdu News Story about PM House Sparks Social Media

DG ISPR has rejected the claims made by BBC Urdu News Story about PM House.

Islamabad ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Farooq Butt )

BBC Urdu News has recently published a story. It covers the thrilling incidents that took place at the Prime Minister’s House in Islamabad on Saturday Night.

The Pakistan Army’s public relations department DG ISPR has dismissed the BBC Urdu’s story as baseless. DG ISPR also announced that the matter would be taken up with the BBC Administration.

But despite of rejection users on social media are commenting on PM House Saturday Night incidents. A user on facebook Hussain Shafqat Cheema ironically questioned that now who is spreading the rumor that someone has been slapped.

Muhammad Rashid has asked a few questions on social media website Facebook:

  • Is it democracy to invite Army Chief to apply martial law by making a new COAS appointment? Why is No confidence motion is unconstitutional when it is being done without any member floor crossing.
  • At whose request did Pervaiz Elahi reach Bani Gala on a phone call despite commitment with PDM?
  • What was the point of Chaudhry Shujaat calling his son from the meeting a few hours before the no-confidence motion and making sudden statements against the entire PDM? Was he not convinced by Pervaiz Elahi etc. that martial law was coming after appointment? Then, like Musharraf, this time too, B team of martial law was coming to power?
  • Didn’t all the democratic parties of the country, except Imran Khan’s PTI, stand aside and block the path of martial law?
  • At whose request the Islamabad High Court was opened at midnight and a petition was filed to block the appointment and martial law. And the Supreme Court was put on standby?
  • Why did the government order prisoner wagons outside Parliament and impose emergency in all hospitals in Islamabad?
  • What are the reasons that PTI social media is full in favor of General Faiz Hameed and against Bajwa. Isn’t this proof that their plan failed?

BBC Urdu Story about PM House

PTI supporters are very angry at the moment and are running social media trends against the establishment. For more details Read this article.

BBC Urdu reveals Inside Story of Saturday Night at PM House

BBC Urdu News –

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