Emily Mitchell Died with Her Fifth Baby and Left Her four Child

Emily Mitchell is a blogger and influence who passed away at 36. Yes! She was pregnant unexpectedly on 22nd December 2020. It was her fifth pregnancy. Even she had decided on her unborn son’s name, “Joey.”

Everyone felt so sad when Emily Mitchell went fund me and shared the news that one morning when she was having breakfast, she suddenly became unresponsive. Therefore, the reason for death is unknown.

Early Life of Emily Mitchell

Emily’s parents’ names are Gail Giancaspro and Dr. Joseph. She was raised in Westerly, Rhode Island, along with three siblings, Michael Giancaspro, Joseph, and Jessica Giancaspro. She went to Westerly junior high school and got a degree in psychology after graduation.

Emily left Her Family

Emily tied in knots to Joseph on 19th July 2007. They had four children three daughters and a son, Isla, Eden, Finn, and Luna. The couple announced the fifth pregnancy via an Instagram post on 20th November 2020.


Some days ago, Emily said, her fifth baby was born via C-section. 

Emily also writes a blog on Parenting. As a parent of four, she wrote like Raising Kind Kinds: 5 Things You Need to Do,” Ten ways to cultivate A wonder-filled Childhood, 8 Ways to Occupy four toddler and many more.

Besides being a creative blogger, she was also a singer, recording artist, musician, and music teacher. Her husband, Joseph was a public school teacher.

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