Kardashian’s Take On Tristan Thompson, A Child With Maralee Nichols

In a recent controversy about the ex-boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, she gave her opinion. The matter of Maralee Nichols suing Thomspson for pregnancy and child-related expenditures came into the limelight. She claimed that she fell pregnant with a boy after alleged sexual contact in March.

According to an E! source, Kardashian has a three-year-old daughter with Thompson, who is ‘ignoring the noise’ in the paternity suit. They have been broken up since spring.

Nichols gave birth to the baby on December 6. She is seeking reasonable expenses for pregnancy and birth. According to the lawsuit petition, she filed for divorce in June in Los Angeles. Moreover, she is also asking for physical custody of her son and visiting privileges for Thompson.

They are locked in a court battle where the case should be resolved. Nicolas said it should be resolved in California, where they resided.

Nichols claimed that the paternity issue should be heard in California. She believes Thompson has a four years old son with ex Jordan Craig.

In the initial filing, Maralee submitted a text message and said that Tristan sent her a statement, “ You Know How I Feel.” My feelings haven’t changed at all. If you think that the baby is the source of money, it’s totally wrong. I am retiring after this season. It is Texas that will be some hundred dollars in support.

Well, his alleged text was, “ So you better off taking 75k I am offering cause you would get nothing with having a kid with a father who unemployed.   All you have is a baby with a father who has zero involvement with the child and hundred dollars of child support.

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