Saniha APS Black Day or a day of mourning for state failure

The state has failed to identify the real culprits of the black day

Dilawar Hussain Chaudhry ( Kashmir Writers Forum )

The families of the children who were martyred in the Saniha Army Public School are still waiting for justice. And the state has so far failed to identify the real culprits of the black day and bring them to light.

Despite the order of the Supreme Court, the report of the Commission of Inquiry was not made public on the basis of which it could be concluded that this incident was only terrorism or there was an element of conspiracy in it.

It is not correct to call this tragedy a complete security failure. It would not be right to ignore the fact that there may be many hidden secrets behind this tragedy.

However, with the passage of time, the nation will forget the tragedy of APS, East Pakistan, the tragedy of hundreds of human beings being burnt in Karachi factory and many other tragedies in which real justice could not be established.

And for a while, people will continue to shine their own personal politics by making black color posts full of grief with their names and posting them on social media.

But it should not be forgotten that the souls of the martyrs and the sobs of their families will continue to chase the blood-soaked hands of their loved ones till they get justice. And Allah is the best of judges.

May Allah raise the ranks of all the martyrs of the tragedies including Saniha Army Public School. And grant them a high position in Paradise and bestow beautiful patience on their families. Amen.

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