The Ace Family Break Up From YouTuber Channel

The ACE family constantly came into controversy and had 200 million monthly views on YouTube. They made an announcement and said this year would be the final of consistent posting here. The ace Family beak-up news is viral nowadays.

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz started a YouTube channel in January 2016. It happened before their child’s birth. In the last six years, McBroom has always used this place to show the success of the family.

They have documented everything from childbirth to the parties they hosted.

The ACE Family break up from YouTube

Austin Mcbroom and Catherine posted a video with the title “The End of the Ace Family of YouTube.” After six years of constant posting, they decided to take a break at the end of 2022.

They said they made this difficult decision because they planned to spend money on traveling with family and focusing on other projects.

The couple stated that the 2022 year will be their biggest year yet. They also plan to exchange vows this year.

Moreover, in their planning, almost 10-20 different locations are included. According to them, this will give them the opportunity to spend time with their children. Catherine said it was a difficult decision to make and put it out there and alert their followers as well.

Austin stated, This year would be their final year, but Catherine clarified that they would not be leaving them completely. She said 2023 would be less consistent. Then Austin agreed with his wife and said we would upload one a month or twice.

ACE Family Fest

Before ending the video, they are inviting 5000 fans to what they are calling perhaps the last ace family event. They announced the fest for family friends to meet up in great style festival at Disneyland meets Coachella that will take place in Los Angeles.

Tickets will be available on 9th April. A silver ticket admits three people and access to free rides and activities in the wildlife park, which costs $299. One of the most expensive tickets is the VIP gold ticket costs $499, in which meet and greet with McBrooms and exclusive wedding presents are included.

Moreover, they will choose two lucky VIP ticket buyers to see Austin’s fight and two more lucky buyers to attend their wedding. 

Well, fans can get the most relevant information on ticket sales on their website, where almost 5000 tickets are available.

Catherine said, Every event sells out in seconds, and you all know this. We have learned from the past why this one gonna be the best one because we structured this, and there would be multiple events.

Well, Austin is also being sued for $200,000 by Beverly Hills for allegedly holding an illegal fan on Rodeo Drive.


On the other side, Catherine is facing a lawsuit accusing them of attempting a coup at a cosmetics company. Their mansions were recently foreclosed and auctioned, and they have shifted to the new one.

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