OpinionDrive Launches First Online #COVID19 Survivor’s Experience Survey

by Seun Adeuyion May 1, 2020
United kingdom (Uk) based firm, OpinionDrive Limited has launched a coronavirus survivor’s experience survey to get data it hopes will help researchers and governments across the globe understand certain traits possessed by people who survived the deadly disease. The survey allows for anonymity and aims to analyze the various lifestyle, environment, genetic makeup, health history […]

Four Major Reasons For The Recent Mass Deaths And Slow #COVID19 Response In Kano

by Seun Adeuyion May 1, 2020
Nigerian Ruler, Muhammadu Buhari in his address had said a lockdown would be imposed in Kano for an additional two weeks, and that he was sending a government team to investigate the unexplained deaths in the northern state. Nigeria’s Health Minister Dr Osagie Ehanire said the situation was being “monitored closely”. But following preliminary investigations […]

Fela’s Drummer Tony Oladipo Allen Dies At 79

by Chuks Azotanion May 1, 2020
Fela’s Drummer Tony Oladipo Allen who was also a composer, and songwriter is dead. He born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1940 passed on, Wednesday evening in Paris after suffering a heart attack. Tony who lives in Paris, France worked with Fela Kuti’s band Africa ’70 from 1968 to 1979, and was one of the primary […]

UN Expects Devastating Results For Covid-19 in Northeast Nigeria; Builds Shelters

by Olatorera Dickson-Amusaon May 1, 2020
The United Nations is gearing up for a potentially devastating Covid-19 outbreak in Northeast Nigeria, even as Covid-19 spreads rapidly throughout the country. Northeast Nigeria has been torn apart by Boko Haram in the past few years, and the UN has expressed concern of the location being unable to withstand the plunder of Covid-19. Renewed […]

Herbal Medicine Cures 92 Of Madagascar’s 128 #COVID19 Patients — Zero Death Recorded So Far

by Seun Adeuyion April 30, 2020
Madagascar, the Island African country have been able to manufacture their own herbal medicine for the virus. President Andry Rajoelina launched the herbal medicine known as COVID Organics Tambavy, a couple of weeks ago. The herbal medicine which is in a form of tea has started yielding results as 92 of the country’s 128 COVID-19 […]

COVID19: Are “Covid Toes” A Real Symptom?

by Seun Adeuyion April 30, 2020
A frostbite-like rash on a person’s toes might be a symptom of the new coronavirus, according to anecdotal evidence from dermatologists around the world.  However, research is needed to determine whether this peculiar rash is truly caused by  COVID-19. The pinkish-reddish rash can turn purple over time, and causes a burning sensation in some people, Dr. […]