Dunya Tv News Channel Live Streaming in Urdu

Dunya tv News Online is Pakistan's most popular news channel for the Urdu language speakers.

Dunya tv News Online is Pakistan’s most popular news channel for the Urdu language speakers. It covers local, national and international news.

Dunya News live is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Its news updates are based on current affairs. Its head office is in Lahore, Pakistan.

Dunya News was launched in December 2008. Its slogan is “News of everything”. Mian Amer Mehmood is the owner of Dunya News. It is managing by National Communication Services (NCS) Pvt. Ltd. If you are a fan of Dunya News and want to watch Dunya news without disturbance, you can try TheBreakingTimes.com to watch Dunya News live streaming.

Dunya News Live on Social Media

Dunya News Facebook Page : You can access Dunya News posts and videos on facebook page. It has 11M followers with great engagements. Here is the link:

Dunya News Facebook Page

Dunya News Twitter Account : You can access Dunya News on micro blogging social media website Twitter. It has 3.2M followers but less engagements. Here is the link:

Dunya News Twitter

Dunya News Live Youtube Channel : Dunya News youtube channel is popular among it audience and currently it has 5.29M subscribers with handsome engagement on videos. You can access the youtube channel by clicking the link given below.

Dunya News Youtube

Dunya Entertainment Youtube Channel : Dunya Entertainment is a youtube channel which has less engagement and views in spite of a lot of content. Its subscribers are hidden. The main reason of its less views might be Dunya News is not working on Dramas like ARY Digital and Geo Tv ( Har Pal Geo ) are doing. You can access Dunya News Entertainment channel here:

Dunya Entertainment Youtube

Dunya News Instagram Account : Dunya News instagram is popular among it audience and currently it has 504k followers with handsome engagement on posts. You can access their instagram account by clicking the link given below.

Dunya News Instagram

Dunya News Political and Comedy Talk Shows

Think Tank :

Think tank is the most popular political talk show of Dunya News Tv hosted by Syeda Ayesha Naaz. Analysts Ayaz Amir, Hassan Askari, Salman Ghani and Khawar Ghumman participate to comment of current political situation of Pakistan.

Ikhtalafi Note :

It is a popular talk show of Dunya Tv hosted by Ume Rubab Zain and analysts Habib Akram and Saad Rasool give opinions on current political issues. You can watch those programs on youtube, twitter and facebook.

Twitter: @ikndunya

Facebook: @ikndunya

Hasb e Haal 2022:

Hasb-e-Haal is a political comedy show that offers commentary and satire on current affairs. The show is famous because of award winning stage actor and comedian Sohail Ahmed as Azizi. Junaid Saleem hosts the show hasb e haal and in every episode some comedians participate to immitate politicians.

Lahore News HD – Dunay News Local Channel for Lahore city

It is a television channel of Dunya News Media Group made for local news in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel covers local Lahore news, talk shows on current affairs, sports and arts news, entertainment and events.

Lahore News HD youtube channel has 1.83M subscribers with less engagement rate. You can access Lahore News HD Youtube channel here:

Lahore News HD Youtube

Daily Dunya ePaper – Roznama Dunya Lahore, karachi, Islamabad, Multan

Dunya News uploads epaper on its webiste for those who love reading Newspapers. It is a kind of digital urdu ePaper of Pakistan.

Dunya News media network also publishes Roznama Dunya from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan and big cities. Daily Dunya is popular among people just like Nawaiwaqt and jang newspapers.

Dunya news live is broadcasted in many countries including Pakistan, United States, Middle East, Sri Lanka, India and the United Kingdom.

Dunya Urdu Blogs – Sub-domains for Blogs and Columns in Urdu and English

Dunya News website has many sub-domains to manage high traffic. However some of the sub-domains are ignored and not well established. Dunya Urdu Blogs in one of them which is popular but some features are broken in it.

On Dunya Urdu Blogs social media links are broken and are linked to the theme links instead of Dunya News social media links. Similarly, the form to send article is also broken and message is not sent. Hope Dunya News team will see where is the problem. You can access Dunya Urdu blogs here:

Dunya Urdu Blogs


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