We did not undress ourselves, Faisalabad Incident Victim

Faisalabad ( The Breaking news – December 8, 2021 – Arshad Farooq Butt ) Faisalabad incident victim, Asiya Bibi, who was allegedly stripped naked in public in Faisalabad, Punjab, has said she did not undress herself nor she took off her clothes. Instead the accused had stripped her naked. If we went inside, they would push us out again.

Talking to a private News channel, one of the victims Asia Bibi has said that she recognizes the men who have been arrested and she will meet them in the court.

Asia Bibi said that they were trapped in the street and shops for almost two hours, nobody tried to save us, everybody there kept watching the scene as it was delicious for them to watch us naked. We were being beaten badly.

“For two hours, they kept us beating naked on the street,” said Nasira. Asiya Bibi also said that she had two girls with her who were her nieces. The victim women demanded that those who stripped them naked must be punished, we need justice.

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