Advantages of Cannabis in Economy

The market for Industrial cannabis is much bigger than you think.

By : Khushbakht Junaid

You may wonder how the production of cannabis can increase the economy of a country like Pakistan where usage of cannabis is illegal. Here is everything you need to know about how it can be beneficial.

Economic benefits of Cannabis production

The market for Industrial cannabis is much bigger than you think, the net worth of this market is around twenty-five billion dollars globally.

Cannabis is easy to produce. Its plants require less water than cotton or any other crops, and because of this, your irrigation cost reduces, and your profit margin increases. Cannabis leaves are also used in a variety of medicines.

When authorities think about cannabis legalization, they usually think about how it will be consumed. They overlook the fact that, like many other types of agriculture, cannabis cultivation necessitates labor and the completion of the entire production cycle, from seed to sale.

The purpose of commercialization is to sell as much merchandise as possible, and as a result, the cannabis industry is constantly expanding across the globe. In reality, as the sale of tobacco goods in the West has decreased, several tobacco corporations have branched out into the cannabis sector.

A Sustainable Replacement for Cotton

There are several reasons why we may say that cannabis is an excellent alternative for the cotton business, and here are some of them.

Cannabis takes substantially less water than other crops for its growth, requiring about 2,700 liters per kg so it’s good for environmental sustainability.

Cotton requires pesticides that are hazardous to the environment and population, but cannabis plants, store atmospheric carbon and allow nutrients to be introduced into the soil, making it more productive. Cotton is responsible for 16% of global pesticide emissions. Cannabis, on the other hand, grows even when pesticides aren’t used.

Fabrics made from cannabis fibers are more durable, and stronger, and hold their shape better during the stretching process.

Cannabis combines well with other fibers in textile form, it’s also highly versatile; different portions of the plant are suitable for use in buildings, paper, lubricants, dyes, glue, plastics, and cookery.

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