Medical and industrial status of cannabis in Pakistan

Pakistan is a cannabis-growing hotspot.

By : Khushbakht Junaid

It is now legal in Pakistan to produce cannabis for medical and industrial use. In the medical field as medicine and in the industry, as fiber, cannabis has a huge potential. This could give revenue of one billion dollars in the market in a time span of three years.

Medicinal cannabis in Pakistan

Right now there is not any medical industry in Pakistan but as the production of cannabis has been made legal, we can expect that in the future the medical industry of cannabis will increase as cannabis is widely used in medicines all over the world.

Sensi Seeds a Dutch company has been constantly promoting cannabis’ medicinal properties for years. Despite the fact that medicinal cannabis has been used for thousands of years, knowledge about it has been relegated to the background for many reasons. Fortunately, natural medicine is making a triumphant comeback right now.

Cannabis has been discovered to be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of neurological and medical conditions. To maintain its usage cautiously and limited, the health authorities should engage with law enforcement to develop a framework so that it can be used when all other options have failed and only under specific rules.

Scientific understanding, cultural and political acceptance and regulation are three forces that may help in reaching an agreement on its therapeutic usage.

Industrial status of cannabis in Pakistan

Pakistan is a cannabis-growing hotspot. Despite this, there is no industrial cannabis sector in the country. Its fabric is still mainly made of cotton, a cotton industry that was once thriving but currently the cotton industry is declining. According to research, Pakistan now imports the majority of its cotton from Afghanistan.

The media and researchers have both commented on the prospect of legal cannabis production. It would help to enhance the economy of the country, especially in rural areas.

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