Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Sahiwal Holds a Ceremony

Commissioner Silwat Saeed expressed best wishes at the inauguration of the clinic.

Sahiwal ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Farooq Butt )

Commissioner Sahiwal Silwat Saeed along with his father Ahmed Saeed Khan attended the inauguration ceremony of the clinic of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem, Head of Cardiology Department, Sahiwal Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Muhammad Saleem’s father Mubarak Ali, Principal Sahiwal Medical College Prof. Dr. Imran Hassan Khan, Chairman of the College Board of Management and renowned physician Dr. Khawar Saeed, MS Dr. Israr Zafar, Dr. Akhtar Mehboob, Dr. Sajid Mustafa, Dr. Hafiz were present on the occasion.

Apart from Muhammad Amjad, Dr. Muhammad Waseem, Dr. Najam Al-Saqib, Dr. Haseef Raza, Dr. Rafi Abbas, Dr. Emad Asghar, Dr. Saleem Akhtar, Dr. Hussam Rahm, Dr. Sajjad Sabir, Director Finance Dr. Muhammad Aleem and Arshad Hayat, a large number of dignitaries of the city participated.

Commissioner Silwat Saeed expressed best wishes at the inauguration of the clinic and said that the appointment of Dr Muhammad Saleem in Sahiwal Medical College has added a capable and compassionate doctor who is welcome.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem thanked all the participants and assured that he would dedicate all their abilities to serve the people. A special prayer was offered at the end of the ceremony.

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