Commissioner Ali Bahadur visits Kameer and Sahiwal Ramzan bazaars

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Awais Malik, RPO Dr. Moin Masood and DPO Sadiq Baloch.

Sahiwal ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Farooq Butt )

Commissioner Sahiwal Division Ali Bahadur Qazi visited Ramadan bazaars of Kameer and Sahiwal. He inspected the stalls of consumer goods and reviewed the facilities provided to the buyers.

According to details, Commissioner Ali Bahadur Qazi visited Ramzan Bazaar on Railway Road and inspected the quality of items kept for sale there.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Awais Malik, RPO Dr. Moin Masood, DPO Sadiq Baloch and Assistant Commissioner Solat Hayat Wattoo. He visited various stalls and directed the concerned officers to ensure quality of all items in all cases.

He also inspected the flour and sugar stalls where flour is available in abundance under government subsidy at Rs. 400 per 10 kg and sugar at Rs. 75 per kg.

Earlier, he also visited Kamir Sharif and the Sasta Ramadan Bazaar set up there. He reviewed the facilities provided to the buyers in Ramadan Bazaar and also inspected the prices of commodities.

He directed that ample supply of essential commodities should be ensured and at the same time quality should be controlled. He said that the purpose of establishing Ramadan bazaars is to provide maximum relief to the people.

He said that everything including flour and sugar is available in abundance in Ramadan bazaars while fair price shops have been set up to supply vegetables and fruits at discounted prices.

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