PP-202 Chichawatni: Which candidate will get PTI ticket?

Major Ghulam Sarwar has managed to get PTI Ticket in PP 202 By Election 2022.

Chichawatni ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Farooq Butt )

Like other constituencies for the by-election 2022, there is a cold war between the candidates for the party tickets in PP-202 of Chichawatni.

Learning from the past mistakes, Pakistan Muslim League-N has finalized its candidate in PP-202 Chichawatni. There is a strong possibility that Malik Noman Langarial will be the unanimous candidate of PML-N in PP-202 Sahiwal.

On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has not yet finalized its candidate in PP-202. In this constituency, Adil Saeed Chaudhry could be a possible candidate from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. However, with the recent meeting of Major (retd) Ghulam Sarwar with Shah Mehmood Qureshi and assurance of ticket, rumors are circulating in the constituency. Three self-made news stories are circulating on social media.

1. Major (retd) Ghulam Sarwar has been issued a PTI ticket.
2. PTI ticket has been issued to Adil Saeed Chaudhry.
3. PTI is awaiting the decision of PMLN candidate Shahid Munir.

It should be noted that the party ticket for the by-elections has not yet been issued by any political party to any of its candidates. That is why the news circulating on social media is a reflection of one’s own desires.

Some facts that will make it easier to understand who will get a PTI ticket in PP 202

1. If PML-N has issued ticket to Malik Noman Langarial, then he has played his best. The PTI can no longer afford a weaker candidate.

2. The PTI’s strong political stronghold in Chichawatni, Rai House, is looking for a candidate in PP-202 who only wants a provincial ticket, does not demand a seat in the National Assembly in the 2023 general election and could support the Rai Group in the NA-149 general election campaign.

3. The top leadership of PTI cannot bypass the Rai group in the matter of tickets. Good relations with Shah Mehmood Qureshi is not enough to get a ticket.

4. Adil Saeed Chaudhry is the son of late MNA Chaudhry Saeed Gujjar and is the strongest candidate in PP-202 after Malik Noman Langrial and Shahid Munir. Major R Ghulam Sarwar had contested the last election from the same constituency in 2013 in which he got 62 votes.

5. Rai Iqbal s/o Rai Hassan Nawaz is also involved in this race. He can also be tested if there is no consensus.

The issue of PTI tickets in PP-202 is likely to be resolved in the next 24 hours. Let’s see how the camel of PTI sits.

Follow up:

Major Ghulam Sarwar has managed to get PTI Ticket in PP 202 By Election 2022.

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