What to do if the passport is lost or stolen in the UAE?

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has said that foreigners who have lost or stolen a passport with a UAE residence visa must obtain a new permit from the embassy or consulate to return to the UAE.

If a foreigner residing in the UAE loses his / her passport while traveling, he / she will have to apply for the required action in his / her country and issue a new passport to report the loss of the passport.

If a foreigner residing in the UAE has gone to another country and lost his / her passport there, then he / she has to contact his / her embassy in that country and report the loss of passport and issue a new passport.

Documents and paperwork required to obtain a permit will be required. The permit form must be filled with the signature of the candidate.

Photocopy of old passport in the form, photocopy of new passport, passport size photo, photocopy of residence visa in UAE, photocopy of identity card issued by UAE for resident foreigner, sponsor’s letter in which the resident foreigner Data, health, theft or missing information. In the country where the passport is lost, the UAE embassy or consulate can be contacted.

What to do if passport is lost inside the UAE?

If the residency visa holder resides in a foreign UAE and his passport is lost in the UAE, then he has to apply for the issuance of new passport and registration of residence visa on the new passport.

If the lost passport belongs to a minor, then his guardian will have to file a report of missing passport at the police station.

If the lost passport belongs to a foreigner working under the auspices of a company in the UAE, then he has to apply for the lost passport to the police station attached to his residence in the UAE.

This request must be on the letterhead addressed to the police, the name and address of the company. Police must also provide a photocopy of the company’s commercial license and company card.

If the lost passport belongs to a person who is sponsored by his family, then he has to present the letter of loss of the passport by attaching the signature of the sponsor and a photocopy of the passport of the sponsor.

With regard to foreigners residing in Dubai, the process of loss of passport will have to be done in the courts of Dubai and the affairs and residence administration of foreigners. For more updates visit UAE URDU.

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What to do if the passport is lost or stolen in the UAE?

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